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                                                            'Where      Fitness      is     Limitless'

 Infinity Training Maui is a completely mobile, private/small group training team with many site options to choose from.  We are able to travel to your home, park, or train with us at any of the beautiful beaches here on Maui!  We are fully equipped to train anyone anywhere using fun outdoor fitness equipment and your bodyweight  with our expertise and knowledge.  We are Certified Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Nutrition Counselors and Weight Management Specialists.  Our Owner is a member of the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) and the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA).  Infinity Training Maui is also happy to offer you the opportunity to host your own mini Yoga retreat, with a Certified Yoga Instructor guiding you and your guests through a series of stress releasing breathing techniques, poses, and spiritual inspiration. Having a birthday party? Infinity Training Maui can provide a Certified Zumba Instructor to kick your party into high gear!  

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Infinity Training Maui requires no monthly memberships, no package purchasing, and we keep our rates affordable for                   everyone

Our Main goal is to help you reach yours-----safely and effectively through proper form technique, repetition, and progress.    We can help kickstart that procrastination about where and how to begin, as well as help you break through that frustrating plateau!    So grab a few friends for a Saturday Sunset Yoga,  or schedule a private, personal  morning workout--
                       And Love the Life you Live on Maui!









Email us with your goals, we will schedule a complimentary assessment to maximize your limitless potential!
Our nutrition counselor is on hand to guide and help you make healthier choices
Our Certified Personal Trainers will inspire, motivate and challenge you
There is no better feeling to be able to do today what you could not do yesterday